Caustic Magnesium Oxide Remag AC

Caustic Magnesium Oxide
Remag AC

Remag AC is a synthetic caustic magnesium oxide obtained from natural brines, through a technologically advanced process.

• Chemical Properties:

Chemical Analysis



% CaO

0.95 Max.

% SiO2

0.20 Max.

% Fe2O3

0.12 Max.

% Al2O3

0.15 Max.

% Cl-

1.21 Max.

% SO4 =

0.80 Max.

% MgO

96.57 Min.


% L.O.I.

7.0 Max.

Acetic Acid Activity (sec.)

9.0 Max.

Physical Properties

Density (gr./c c)

0.6 Max.

Screen Analysis
% + 200 3.0 Max
% - 200 + 325 5.0 Max
% -325 92.0 Min.

Bags of 4 - ply paper w/poly inner liner of 25 Kgs.

SPECIFIC USERS: - Fuel additive, Water Treatment, Rubber

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